Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds are another great way to collect or invest in Silver. Many mints and companies have struck Silver One Ounce Rounds in a variety of designs. We offer generic silver rounds relatively close to spot price as well as some different seasonal collectible gift items. Silver Rounds are not quite as popular as silver bars but are normally just as good of an investment with their low premiums. Sizes are more limited than bars with mostly one ounce with some five, ten ounce and odd sizes available.

Sizes Of Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds, while 90% on the market are 1 oz. denomination do come in a variety of weights and sizes. Silver rounds are crafted after coin designs but they are manufactured by private mints rather than countries. We do offer some 4 Ounce, 6 Ounce and 8 ounce varieties as well as 1 Troy Pound. New to the market are fractional silver rounds such as 1/10th, 1/4 and 1/2 Ounce sizes. Minting of these sizes began when silver topped $40 an ounce creating demand for these smaller sizes. the downside to the fractional rounds is their premiums can be high because production cost is the same as creating a 1 oz round. This can drastically affect your cost per ounce of silver.

Cost Of Silver Rounds

1 oz. silver rounds are going to be the most common and best option for investing in silver bullion. They generally range from less than a dollar over spot price to a few dollars over the current silver price per ounce. Some specialty rounds can be more depending on their manufacturer and demand but generally you shouldn’t pay as much for private mint silver rounds as you would for silver coins.

Popular manufacturers of rounds have come and gone throughout the years. Currently the most popular are Silvertowne, NTR Metals, AMARK and OPM. All of these producers of rounds are reputable and their products trade roughly around the same price over silver spot price.

Silver rounds usually come in tubes or rolls of 20 coins per roll and boxes of 500 rounds are commonplace in the market. A great way to put away some .999 pure silver bullion.

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    20-99 $19.36
    100-499 $18.86
    500 or more $18.61
  • The Buffalo Silver Bullion Round is .999 fine silver and a great generic silver round for investing. The front design is inspired by the 1913 Buffalo Nickel, which was originally designed by the ... (more)

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    Product ID: 3034

    20-99 $19.51
    100-499 $19.01
    500 or more $18.76
  • Our Assorted Silver Bullion 2oz Round is .999 Fine Silver and comes in several designs. Most designs are reminiscent of older coins, such as the Buffalo Nickel, Morgan Silver Dollar, or the Liberty ... (more)

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    Any Qty: $40.44
  • Our Assorted Silver Bullion Half Ounce Rounds are .999 Fine Silver and come in a variety of designs. They are a superb option for the investor who wants to buy silver bullion in smaller increments. ... (more)

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    Any Qty: $11.63
  • Our Assorted Silver Bullion Quarter Ounce Rounds are .999 fine silver and encourage you to keep a diverse collection of silver bullion. Depending on our stock, there are several designs for the ... (more)

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    Product ID: 9523

    100-500 $7.06
    500 or more $6.91
  • Our Assorted Silver Bullion Tenth Ounce Rounds are .999 fine silver. They are a great option for the "beginner" silver investor. Customers who buy silver tenth ounce rounds will receive them in ... (more)

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    100-499 $3.73
    500 or more $3.58
  • One Troy ounce, .999 fine Silver Religious Medal featuring "Mary, Queen of Peace", "Apparitions of Mary"

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    Product ID: 15858

    Any Qty: $25.27
  • Manufactured in 2013 by B-Side BTC, this silver bullion round is one troy ounce of pure silver. This silver round is not loaded with any actual bitcoin but is more of a novelty item at this point ... (more)

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    Product ID: 15857

    Any Qty: $32.27
  • The Silver Bullion One Ounce Engelhard Prospector Round is a silver bullion product you definitely do not want to miss out on. Being discontinued in the 1980's, all of Engelhard's silver products are ... (more)

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    Any Qty: $21.76
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    Any Qty: $27.27
  • Our Assorted Silver Bullion 4oz Round comes in a plastic capsule for protection and provides easy storage for someone looking to buy silver. These silver rounds are .999 Fine Silver and the design ... (more)

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    Product ID: 7767

    Any Qty: $84.24
  • Our Assorted Silver Bullion 6oz Round is .999 Fine Silver and its design also varies depending on our inventory. A silver round is also known as an art round and refers to silver bullion produced in ... (more)

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    Product ID: 7766

    Any Qty: $120.36
  • Our Assorted Silver Bullion 8oz Round is packaged in a plastic capsule and is .999 Fine Silver. This 8oz silver round is not space consuming and is easy to store for those seeking to buy silver and ... (more)

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    Product ID: 8554

    Any Qty: $160.48
  • The Assorted Silver Bullion 1 Troy Pound Round is .999 Fine Silver and usually contains but is not limited to, the Liberty design. This luxurious silver bullion round is 12 troy ounces in weight and ... (more)

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    Product ID: 7261

    Any Qty: $231.12
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