Quarterly Scholarship Program (updated)

At Golden Eagle Coins, we believe that it’s more than just the grades that make a great well-rounded student. Each one of you is creative in his or her own way: some of you blog; others curate documentary photography on Instagram that helps us understand the world better; and still others find imaginative ways to solve problems in their public and private lives. Creativity is the air each one of us breathes, but sometimes we get so concerned with grades that we forget that imagination is our natural problem solver.

One way to showcase your creativity is to innovate either by solving a problem, by designing something that helps others solve problems, or by enhancing our relationship with whatever matters to us.

Innovation brings together in unique ways our technical skills and our hopes for a better world. It also provides opportunities for gaining real-working experience in a chosen field, and gives students the chance to connect with adults outside their circle who might be able to help students get into their top choice college or get an internship. In the end, innovation makes people look at the bigger picture, which is the best preparation for college and for life.

We at Golden Eagle Coins are passionate about sparking the creative genius in students and would love to commend those outstanding students who have a made a difference in the lives of others in some innovative or technological fashion. In order to achieve this, we have established a scholarship for students who meet certain criteria.


  • Must currently be enrolled as a high school or college/university student within the United States.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (or the equivalent).
  • Must be an American citizen, permanent resident, or hold a valid student visa.
  • Must have designed an innovative project that makes a difference in the lives of others (This could be a website, series of blogs, an app, fundraising event, etc.)
  • Must submit an essay describing the goal of the particular project and provide supporting documentation.
  • The essay, idea, or creation must be the applicant’s original work.
  • All submissions must be received by 12PM Noon EST the last day of the applicable quarter. (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, December 31st)

Application Requirements

First and Last Name

Email Address

Phone Number

High School or College Name

Project Information

Email your essay and photo of yourself to sales@goldeneaglecoin.com. Details below.

  • Essay - The essay should describe the goal of the particular project and provide the link to access the content such as the blog, app, etc. (if applicable).
  • Your Photo - The photo should be one taken during project execution.

Please send the above information to us at sales@goldeneaglecoin.com

Rules & Regulations

Golden Eagle Official Scholarship Rules & Regulations


The winning project will be judged on the basis of its creativity, innovation, and user experience. We use a third party service to manage submissions and all submissions are forwarded to them. Employees of Golden Eagle do not have any access or knowledge to judge or rate submissions. Some of the questions that will guide judges’ selection are the following: Does the project solve a problem, and if so, how persuasively does the applicant present his or her point of view? Does the project aim for originality, or does it repeat what’s already available?

After the 1st of each quarter (Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st) , all entries will be reviewed by a third party service provider.


The applicant of the winning project will receive a one-time scholarship of $500, which may be applied to the following school-related expenses: tuition, fees, books, and on-campus room and board. Scholarship funds are provided by Golden Eagle Coins and will be paid via mail to the winning applicant.


Current Golden Eagle Coins employees or their immediate family members are not eligible to apply. Please read additional criteria listed above.