Walking Liberty Halves AU+ 100 pcs.

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    The Walking Liberty Halves AU+ 100 piece lot consists of 5 tubes, each with 20 coins in Almost Uncirculated condition or better. Adolph A. Weinman was the German-American sculptor chosen to redesign the half dollar and the dime after the reign of the Barber design. Weinman is also responsible for the Mercury dime and other commemorative coin designs throughout the US.

    The astonishing Walking Liberty design is what has been beloved by loyal coin collectors through the decades and inspires designs to this day. The Walking Liberty's obverse displays a youthful Lady Liberty, aimlessly wandering the Earth and looking to recruit warriors. She carries olive branches as a sign of peace, while her sandaled feet stand about the coin's date of mintage. Although the Walking Liberty design is considered one of the most stunning designs in coin history, the design itself was a struggle to strike. After 31 years in production, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was replaced by the Franklin Half Dollar. When Mint Engraver, Robert W. Woolley, discovered it was the law to discontinue a coin series after it has been produced for 25 years, he decided to discontinue the Barber series. Woolley approached the Commission of Fine Arts to hold a competition for the new design on the half dollar and Adolph A. Weinman became the winner of designing the new dime and half dollar.

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