US Barber Quarter Almost Uncirculated Condition 1898

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    The 1898 Barber Quarter contains a high mintage of over 11 million but since it is considered an older coin, it's popularity is still very apparent. Collectors are encouraged to consider collecting the Barber Quarter series, since it is a part of the Barber dynasty and its mintages greatly vary. Plus, its metallic alloy is 90% silver grabs investors attention. William Barber used the Head of Liberty to grace the obverse of the Barber coin series. Liberty's look is inspired by a Grecian Goddess and she wears an Acanthus leaf cap as a crown. "United States of America," and the coin's mint date are also simply stamped on the obverse of the Barber Quarter. The reverse contains the nation's official seal, which is of a heraldic eagle holding a shield. Each of the eagle's talons are grasping a symbolic gesture: olive branches and arrows. This design is still used on modern day coinage and represents the strength of the nation, while understanding the price that needs to be paid for freedom. The coin's legal tender value, of one half dollar, is also included on this side and 13 stars are pictured honoring the original 13 colonies.

    The Barber Quarter was a part of an entire coinage series, including the dime and half dollar as well. The Barber design was named after the US Mint's Chief Engraver, William Barber. The coins were in circulation from 1892-1916, and quarter replaced the Seated Liberty design. The Mint's Director, Edward Leech, wanted to officially change the design so he held a competition, wanting to encourage participation by giving the winner a cash prize. All of the local artists invited declined and Leech resorted to his mint for direction. William Barber was ultimately assigned the task to create a new design for the US currency, that would replace the Seated Liberty. The new design was received with mixed emotions and would be replaced in 1916.

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