US Army .999 Silver 1 oz Round

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    There are few ways to honor the military personnel in your life than giving them the gift of investment. Since the 19th century, silver dollars are usually used in the commissioning of a new officer. This act represents the acknowledgement of the receipt of respect, due to the new rank and position. The silver dollar in question is usually the silver dollar that is in circulation at the time but since the US stopped putting silver dollars into circulation, the Eisenhower dollars have been used instead. Many family members of military enjoy giving their loved one something that acknowledges their sacrifice for their country but also something they can put away for investment. Unfortunately, there aren't too many minted coins that reflect the military so these one ounce rounds are ideal for the military in your life.

    Your one ounce silver round displays the US Coat of Arms or also known as, the Great National Seal. This symbol has brought much pride to the US by representing everything the US has fought for. Eagles are at the top of the Birds of Prey ladder, always symbolizing power and authority to nations.These rounds are best bought at quantity discounts for the best pricing but you also won't regret buying just one to honor your servicemen.

    Silver Round Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -New condition
    -Packaged in sealed plastic
    -Obverse: In the Coat of Arms, the eagle has its wings spread with the banner containing, "E Pluribus Unum" on it. A large shield protects also the eagle's puffed chest. Each of the eagle's talons are occupied: one is holding an olive branch to represent peace, and the other is holding 13 arrows to symbolize the original 13 colonies. There is also a design above the eagle's head with 13 dotes, that are in the shape of a star.
    -Reverse: The back of the round contains space for an engraving and has a lovely and detailed trim around the rim that also states the round's purity and weight.

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    • Diameter: 39mm
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