Uncirculated Morgan Dollar Roll 1898

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    In 1898, the Philadelphia Mint wasn't the only one making history, by producing the famous Morgan silver dollar. There are some other historical events that also took place in the same year. For example, the foreign Hawaiian Islands were annexed by the US and the USS Maine was attacked and sunk by a mine, thus starting a war. Annie Oakley fought for female military power, in case the US declared war with Spain. Your 1898 roll of Morgan silver dollars was minted at the Philadelphia mint and is in brilliant uncirculated condition. With BU Morgans, expect an obvious original mint luster, that shines from rim to rim. It is well-known that all Morgans, minted at the Philadelphia Mint, carry no actual mint-mark. Since the Philadelphia Mint was the first to come into existence, it didn't have to make itself stand out from the other mints. Instead, the other mints that popped up, after the first mint, has to place a marking on their coins so the coin's origin could be distinguished.

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    • Year: 1898
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