Silver Bullion 1/10 oz Buffalo Round .999 Fine

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    The Highland Mint proudly introduces their 1/10 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds for purchase! Forged from .999 pure silver, these Buffalo rounds are about the size of a dime. Riding on the coattails of the success of the one ounce Buffalo rounds, the Highland Mint decided to produce something small for the diverse investor. Many recognize the Buffalo design from the infamous 1913 Buffalo Nickel, which was in circulation from 1913-1938. James Earle Fraser, an American sculptor who grew up in Native American country, Minnesota, designed the famous portrait of the Native American Chief. With his father employed by the railroad company, Fraser witnessed first hand the pushing out of Native Americans and confining them to their reserves. His life on the frontier would later greatly influence his artwork, leading to his most famous and poignant sculpture titles, "The End of the Trail." Depicting a tired and lonesome Native American on his horse, "The End of the Trail," reveals the sadness and exhaustion when the Native Americans were driven from their land.

    Black Diamond, who was living at the New York zoo, was an American bison and Fraser's muse. It took Fraser hours to draw the bison, since it always wanted to look straight at him, interfering with his profile design. The Silver Bullion 1/10 oz Buffalo Rounds are not considered minted coins, even though their shape is similar. These rounds are sold strictly for their silver content, making a great investment for any silver bullion aficionado. The 1/10 oz Buffalo Rounds are packaged in coin flips, to ensure proper care while in transit. They also make excellent gifts for any occasion without breaking the bank.

    Silver Round Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -New condition
    -Packaged in coin flip or coin tube
    -Obverse: 1913 Buffalo Nickel design
    -Reverse: The reverse design reveals Black Diamond, an American Bison. The reverse is also hallmark stamped with the round's weight and purity for verification reasons.

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