Random Manufacturer Silver Bar 100 oz

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    The Random Manufacturer 100 oz Silver Bars are ideal for the investor looking to add to their precious metals portfolio the least expensive way possible. These bars are offered as low as 0.49c over spot per ounce, allowing investors the ability to buy as much as they need in order to achieve their investment goals. Due to our ever-changing inventory, silver bars often come through our doors as fast as they leave. Since there are innumerable mints over the US, who produce high quality silver products, by the time we may feature this item on our website, it could be sold already. The Random Manufacturer 100 oz Silver Bars contain .999 pure silver and may come from prestigious private mints such as OPM or Elemetal. We guarantee the quality and purity of all the products we sell and ensure our investors they are making a wise choice with the Random Manufacturer 100 oz Silver Bars. Enjoy the Random Manufacturer 100 oz Silver Bars' highlights and determine if this is for you.

    Random Manufacturer 100 Silver Bar Highlights

    -Every bar weighs 100 ounces of .999 pure silver and was produced by a reputable refinery or mint.
    -These bars are mainly purchased through the second-hand market and may not be new.
    -Silver bars are strictly sold for their silver content and their condition does not reflect the value of the actual bar.
    -Bars may come with scratches, tarnishing, or lacking serial numbers but every bar will be stamped with the .999 pure silver inscription.
    -Since our inventory is constantly on the move, we sell our bars as is and cannot guarantee a requested manufacturer.
    -Usually sold for just .79 cents over spot per ounce and are offered at quantity discounts of only .49 cents over spot.

    Experience one of our most in demand products and enjoy investing in silver with little cost to you! As per usual, shipping and insurance charges are free!

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Customer reviews

★★★★★ Just as good as buying non-random
These were Asahi bars. Same as Johnson Matthey. Only buy random. The one I sell to gives me the same price for all.
★★★★★ Very Nice!
★★★★★ best looking bars
★★★★ Made by Perth mint
★★★★ bar weighed 99.999999999999999oz
where is other.0000000000000001 ounce????/
★★★★★ good
Happy I got Perth Mint bars for the price of random bars
★★★★★ no problem
I like that I got one from a known mint.
★★★★★ Do not recognize mint.
Will buy from known minter next time
★★★★★ No reason. This makes three of these bars.
★★★★★ Great