Proof Silver Eagle 100 Piece Lot - Random Years

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    Get Proof Silver Eagles at a competitive rate with the 100 piece lot we are offering! The price of Proof Silver Eagles can deeply vary on the mintage for particular years so buying them in bulk can be both easier on your wallet and a great asset to your investment. Each proof silver eagle you will receive will be packaged in its popular packaging of a cardboard box with a US Mint emblem, a velvet box holding the encapsulated coin, and the Certificate of Authenticity will also be provided. Some investors enjoy buying proof eagles as gifts so why not stock up with this incredible deal!

    The US Mint first issued Silver Eagles in 1986, in the brilliant uncirculated finish and the proof finish. These coins quickly became a "must-have" in the coin world and still are today. The US Mint has chosen not to change the design of any of their silver eagles but that hasn't deterred collectors and investors away. Each proof coin shines with the flawless mirrored finish of a proof coin that still looks "freshly minted" even though it's older. The obverse design displays a tall and slender Lady Liberty, gracefully walking over the land of the free. She is clothed in a lightweight robe that gently flows with every step she takes and her shoulders are draped with the American flag. One arm is outstretched and inviting while the other is carrying a bundle of branches. The obverse is stamped with "Liberty," "In God We Trust," and the coin's year of mintage as well. The reverse carries the national seal of the United States of America, a regal eagle being guarded by a large shield, each talon holding something. The coin's purity and weight are also featured on the reverse for validity purposes. Each proof coin also contains a mintmark, indicating where they were minted.

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