Presidential Dollars William McKinley 2013-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    William McKinley is the 25th president to hold office, in the US, and was the last president to serve in the American Civil War. McKinley served as private for the Union Army, in the Civil War, and ended as a brevet major. McKinley was also a lawyer, who was elected into Congress, and worked his way into a presidential campaign. In his first term, McKinley promoted the American industry by raising protective tariffs and maintained the gold standard in a rejection of inflationary proposals. There was quick economic growth when McKinley took office, as he protected the manufacturers and factory workers. McKinley led the US in a swift victory in the Spanish-American War and resulting in the US gaining ownership over Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Unfortunately, McKinley's second act was cut short when he was assassinated by gun shot wounds.

    Honoring president William McKinley, the Presidential Dollar series features the history-making president on the obverse of the 2013-P dollars. McKinley is the first president to kick off the Presidential Dollar series for 2013. The reverse features the Statue of Liberty, along with the coin's monetary denomination of $1. The popular golden hue comes from the metallic alloy combination of copper and manganese brass. McKinley shares the date with three other presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. The Presidential Dollar series is ideal for so many occasions, whether you or someone you know enjoys history, especially when it appeals to our past presidents. Beginner collectors also enjoy collecting the Presidential Dollar series, since its easily accessible and affordable for any budget. So much of the US history is lost through the years and the Presidential Dollar series is here to resurrect it! There are 25 brilliant uncirculated coins to a roll and may or may not come in original bank paper. Please give us a call to check our ever-changing inventory to make sure we have the packaging you want!

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