Presidential Dollars Richard M. Nixon 2016-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States before becoming the first president to resign out of office. Grown up as a Californian, Nixon attended many prestigious schools, including Duke University School of Law. After marrying his wife, the two moved to Washington right before WWII. Nixon served in the US Navy Reserve before being elected into the House of Representatives, then the Senate. With his honorary military experience and political career just taking off, Nixon was more than qualified to run a smooth administration. And he did at the beginning. Some goals Nixon accomplished in his first couple years as president was retreating all US troops out of Vietnam, including POWS. He also ended the military draft the same time he made peace with Russia and China. Nixon enforced desegregation in Southern public schools, while also presiding over the first moon landing. Unfortunately, his secrets came to light in 1973, with the Watergate Scandal, forcing this once adequate president to resign out of office. While in retirement, Nixon became an author, then suffered a stroke in the 1990's.

    The Presidential Dollar series memorializes Richard Nixon, despite his shortcomings, and features his portrait on the obverse of the 2016-D Presidential Dollar. Since the US Mint honors four presidents each year, Nixon shares the date with Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan later on this year. Don Everhart, a mint-engraver, along with other anonymous artists designed all of the presidents' portraits for this dollar collection. The reverse portrays a Statue of Liberty design, with the coin's monetary denomination. The Presidential Dollar series' metallic composition is unique, wherein instead of a nickel/copper alloy, it is comprised of a copper/manganese brass composition, that produces the lovely golden color. The Denver Mint is the largest coin producer in the world and assists in minting the historical Presidential Dollar series. The Denver Mint delicately places a "D" on the coin's rim, as well as the coin's date of mintage. There are 25 brilliant uncirculated coins in a roll and be sure to check in with us to see if they are in their original packaging.

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