Presidential Dollars John F. Kennedy 2015-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    John F. Kennedy is one of the most well known presidents of our time, mainly for his devastating assassination that was filmed on live television in 1963. Kennedy was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he joined the military. After the military, Kennedy served in the House of Representatives to kick off his career in politics. As president, Kennedy only served for two years, but accomplished more than full-term presidents could. A few of his accomplishments include reaching a peace deal with Russia, encouraging and supporting the Civil Rights movement, abolishing the death penalty in DC, and decreasing the amount of troops overseas. There are many conspiracy theories when it comes to Kennedy's death. Some think the government turned on him, others theorize more than one shooter was involved, and others believe it was staged. Regardless of the theories, Kennedy's assassination remains one of the most popular historical topics and his death is still mourned today.

    Elected as the youngest president to ever take office, Kennedy was only 43 when he began his short but legendary presidency. The Presidential Dollar series memorializes John F. Kennedy and features his portrait on the obverse of the 2015-D Presidential Dollars. The Denver Mint produces 25 coins to a roll, all of which carry the famous "D" mint-mark. Be sure to check in with us to see if they are in their original packaging. The golden color, of the Presidential Dollars, is the result of the unique metallic composition of copper and manganese brass. The Statue of Liberty is displayed on the reverse of the coin, along with the coin's legal tender value. Embossed in a beautiful brilliant uncirculated finish, the Presidential Dollar series draws in collectors with both its historical background and exquisite strikes. The Denver Mint happily participates in the minting of the Presidential Dollar collection and stands today has the lead producer of coins in the world!

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