Presidential Dollars James Buchanan 2010-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    James Buchanan was elected as the 15 president of the United States, and unfortunately ranks lower as far as his presidency is concerned. Buchanan grew up in Pennsylvania and still remains the only president to be from Pennsylvania. Buchanan also chased politics more than he chased women, remaining the only bachelor president in history. Affiliated with the Democratic party, Buchanan lost of lot of support through his presidency. Trying to remain too neutral, when the country was divided, ultimately led to his failure as president. Nicknamed, "dough face," Buchanan was a Northerner who also tried to appease the South, causing both sides to be alienated. The South successfully succeeded since Buchanan couldn't find a way to deal with the division. Many believe it was Buchanan's leave to London, during Pierce's presidency, that caused him to be disconnected from the political divide of the country.

    Minted at the Denver Mint in 2010, the James Buchanan Presidential Dollar comes packaged in sealed rolls of 25 coins. Unless minted by the San Francisco Mint, which they would then come in a proof set, all Presidential Dollar rolls are sold in roll quantities that will not be broken for individual sale. A marvelous design by engraver, Don Everhart, James Buchanan's youthful portrait, with his term in term office noted, are featured on the obverse of the 2010-D dollar. The Statue of Liberty graces the reverse design, as well as the coin's legal tender value of $1. The Presidential Dollars are made from manganese and a copper core, resulting in the shocking golden hue of the coin. The Presidential Dollar series is a great way to get someone you love excited about collecting coins. With easy accessibility and history-packed coins, it is no wonder why many novice collectors are drawn to this incredible series! It also cannot be guaranteed that this roll will come in original packaging.

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