Presidential Dollars Herbert Hoover 2014-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Elected as the 31st president of the United States, Herbert Hoover was a professional mining engineer. Growing up in a Quaker family, Hoover became internationally known for his humanitarian relief efforts during the war in Belgium. Hoover also worked under Harding and Coolidge as Secretary of Commerce, where he promoted partnerships between businesses and government. As president, his biggest goal was the Efficiency Movement and promoting volunteerism. Besides Kennedy, Hoover was the only other president to donate his paychecks to charity, since he had a small mining business on the side. Unfortunately, the Great Depression happened and Hoover was unable to lead the country to a better economy. Despite his humanitarian efforts, Hoover ranks low on president popularity.

    Hebert Hoover was only the second president not to have political or military experience prior to being elected. The Denver Mint has earned the title of lead coin producer in the world. This busy mint takes the time to elegantly strike the Presidential Dollar series, resulting in a stunning collection. Hoover's portrait is featured on the obverse as well as his single term he served. The dollar's date of mintage and mint-mark are inscribed on the coin's rim. The Presidential Dollar series resembles a golden coin, due to the copper/brass metallic composition. The reverse design features the Statue of Liberty, with the coin's legal tender value. All rolls come with 25 coins per roll and are usually sealed in mint-packaged paper. Please give us a call so we can check our ever-growing inventory to see how these brilliant uncirculated coins are packaged. The Presidential Dollar series is a great collection to start for novice collectors or as a fun hobby for more experienced collectors. With the availability and low premiums, anyone can enjoy the Presidential Dollars without the stress.

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