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Presidential Dollars Grover Cleveland 2012-P 25 pcs, 1st term (Roll)

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    Generally ranked in the second tier of most successful presidents, Grover Cleveland was the first and only president to serve two nonconsecutive terms. Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson were the only two democrats to serve in the Republican dominated era. In his term, Cleveland opposed free silver, high tariffs, inflation, and subsidies to farmers, veterans, and businesses. Throughout his first term, Cleveland was praised for his integrity, honesty, and self-reliance, consistently fighting political corruption at every turn. Cleveland's childhood and young adulthood doesn't look like anything the other presidents experienced. Born in New Jersey, Cleveland's father was a minister when his mother was from a bookseller in Baltimore. His father died and Cleveland became a teacher at the institute for the blind with his brother. Cleveland worked his way through a law internship, passing the bar to become an official lawyer.

    Grover Cleveland's history may have affected his first term, which was mainly conducted out of sympathy he learned from teaching the blind. Cleveland is the second president to be featured on the obverse of the 2012-P Presidential Dollar series, following Chester Arthur. These brilliant uncirculated dollars contain a copper/manganese brass alloy, resulting in the very popular golden color. The Statue of Liberty is on the reverse, as well as the coin's legal tender value. The Presidential Dollar series honors all of the past US presidents, by featuring four on the obverse of each year. Starting in 2007, the first four presidents were portrayed on the first four Presidential Dollars. There are 25 coins to a roll and original paper rolls cannot be guaranteed so please call and we can check our inventory for you. The Presidential Dollar series is ideal for a beginner collector or someone who admires history. With ease and popularity, the Presidential Dollar series is accessible to anyone who is looking for a fun and historical collection!

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