Presidential Dollars Gerald R. Ford 2016-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    The Philadelphia Mint is the first mint to be established in the US, and was built by the Founding Fathers. Recently, the Philadelphia Mint has adopted the "P" as their mint-mark and have placed it on the rim of every dollar they have minted. The stunning golden hue is the result of a copper/brass metallic alloy, instead of nickel/copper. There are 25 brilliant uncirculated coins to a roll and may or may not come in original bank paper.

    Gerald R. Ford was the 38th President and 40th Vice President before that. Growing up with a single mother, who escaped an abusive husband, Ford lived with his grandparents in Illinois. When he was only 16 days old, his mom left Nebraska to flee to Illinois. Ford attended Yale Law School and enlisted in the US Naval Reserves during World War II. Ford assumed his presidency after the resignation of Richard Nixon and played an important role in the Cold War and Vietnam. His most controversial act as president was he granted a presidential pardon to Richard Nixon. He is the second longest living president in history; beat out by George H.W. Bush.

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