Presidential Dollars Franklin Roosevelt 2014-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Franklin Roosevelt is one of the most well-remembered presidents of our time. If going by just what he accomplished during his two terms, Roosevelt is one of the most influential presidents and people in history. Roosevelt was elected as the 32nd president of the United States, beating out Herbert Hoover. When he was elected, the Great Depression was in full effect and the country was looking Roosevelt to solve this economy problem. And he did with the New Deal, involving more federal government assistance. The New Deal Coalition was birthed from the New Deal, bringing together labor unions and big city machines, rural Southern workers and African American workers. Through the New Deal Coalition, Roosevelt was able to realign American politics and define American liberalism in the middle of the 20th century. Throughout his career, Roosevelt famously suffered from polio, which later he would fund a treatment center that would find the cure for the debilitating disease.

    Franklin Roosevelt was the nation's leader in some of its worst of times. Not only did Roosevelt dig the country out of the Great Depression but he also led America to victory in World War II. Believed to be one of the best presidents in history, Roosevelt's face is etched into the obverse of the 2014-P Presidential Dollar. Roosevelt served two successful terms, both of which are inscribed underneath his portrait. Like all the other Presidential Dollars, the date of mintage and mint-mark can be found on the rim of each dollar. The reverse highlights the astute Statue of Liberty and the coin's legal tender value. The Presidential Dollars are made from a unique metal alloy, containing copper and brass, which result in the alluring golden color. There are 25 brilliant uncirculated coins in a roll and be sure to check in with us to see if they are in their original packaging.

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