Presidential Dollars Chester Arthur 2012-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Chester Arthur assumed presidency after James Garfield was assassinated just 200 days after he was sworn into office. Arthur became the nation's 21st president, and used his power to continue the civil reform that began with past presidents. Growing up a as a Northerner in Vermont, Arthur became a lawyer and politician for New York City. Once the Civil War broke out, Arthur served as a quartermaster general for New York City. Before becoming president, Arthur has a confusing relationship with past presidents. Ulysses S. Grant promoted him, Rutherford B. Hayes fired him, and he became Garfield's vice president. Although his past with reform got him fired by Hayes, Arthur committed again to the cause when he became president. Arthur's administration is most well known for the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, which allowed government jobs to be given by merit and not by political association. Chester Arthur is another president who doesn't get much attention but his single term left a legacy for civil workers.

    Brandished in a beautiful golden color, the Presidential Dollar series is comprised of a copper/brass alloy. Annually, the Philadelphia and Denver Mints each produce four dollars, featuring four presidents' faces on the obverse. Chester Arthur's portrait kicks off the 2012 collection and is followed by Grover Cleveland twice and Benjamin Harrison. Arthur's portrait is accompanied by his single term in office on the obverse. The coin's date and place of mintage are inscribed on the rim of each coin. Statue of Liberty graces the reverse of the Presidential Dollars, with the coin's monetary denomination included. There are 25 brilliant uncirculated coins to a roll and may or may not come in original bank paper. Please give us a call to check our ever-changing inventory to make sure we have the packaging you want!

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