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Pontic Kingdom Thrace Tomis Gold Stater Mithradates VI 87-86 B.C. XF

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    The Pontic Kingdom included a rich mix of Persian, Hellenistic, and Anatolian cultures around the Black Sea. Possibly descended from earlier Persian Dynasties, the Kingdom was founded by Mithradates I in 281 B.C. At it's peak, the Empire incuded much of the Anatolian peninsula and much of the coastal regions around the Black Sea. Mithradates VI was defeated by the Romans, and the region was broken into states of the Roman Empire with varying states of autonomy. This gold stater was issued under Mithradates VI, and bears definitive Hellenistic imagery, with the bust of Alexander III wearing the Horn of Ammon on the obverse, and Athena seated on the reverse with Greek inscriptions. This coin was issued in Thrace, Tomis Mint
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