PAMP Suisse Silver Bar 1 oz - Buddha

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    PAMP Suisse really prides themselves on the quality of product that extends the purity of the silver provided. For just a little more than the spot price of silver, you get to invest in an incredible bar that not only contains pure silver but also looks great. Now, PAMP Suisse has gone above and beyond their beautifully crafted Fortuna bars to this amazing faith series. This series highlights symbols, icons, and gods from different religions. Like the other bars from PAMP Suisse, each bar is carefully packaged in an assay card to ensure protection and prove the bar's authenticity. For convenience purposes, the bars are also stamped with their authentication information, just in case something happens to the assay card. A thin film is also applied to the assay cards that can be easily removed and won't compromise the assay card or the bar.

    Buddha was another god chosen to grace the front of the PAMP Suisse bars. Buddha, also known as enlightened one, was a real person who chased after learning, desired to teach, and finally founded a monastic order. Buddha was born into royalty and actually enjoyed his riches all the way until he was 30 years old. Buddha decided to leave his life of luxury and venture out to the life of the simple. He sought out poorer communities and so began his life among the poor. Buddha went from many experiences, seeking enlightenment where he could and when he didn't obtain it, he moved on to the next best thing. After practicing yoga, he achieved a level of meditative consciousness that exceeded even his teacher. The nine virtues are what Buddha left behind for his enlightenment-searching followers. Many wonder: why invest in PAMP Suisse products over others? At such an achievable price, you are just moments away in being the proud owner of a silver bar of this caliber and quality.

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