PAMP Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bar - Am Yisral El Hay

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    Not much is to be expected when buying gold bars since their value is just based off of the market price of gold. But Pamp Suisse exceeds any low expectations and creates a higher standard for gold bar customers. As if you could add any more allure to a solid piece of gold, Pamp Suisse does just that with their remarkable packaging and excellent craftsmanship. Investors in Pamp Suisse products look forward to their bars being encased in an assay card. This card not only protects the bar's immaculate design but it also proves the bar's authenticity. A thin film is wrapped around the assay card, which can be easily removed without damaging the card or bar. Pamp Suisse has stuck to their old faithful design of Lady Fortuna but recently, they decided to make their bars a little more personal for their investors. The religion series offers designs of goddesses, gods, symbols, and places to represent several different religions. Each bar is guaranteed to be one ounce of .9999 pure gold or also known as 24 karat. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion or marking a journey of a loved one's faith, these bars satisfy everyone's needs.

    Am Yisral El Hay is a Jewish symbol meaning, "the people of Israel lives!" This symbol is similar to the Star of David as far as how it's worn and represented in Jewish culture. This symbol represents life at its finest and the Jewish community wear it with pride. Practicing Jews usually give gifts or donations in the amount of 18 and that is called "giving hay" or "giving life." This symbol can be dated back to medieval times in Spain but letters as symbols can go back as far as Jewish roots go. If you are looking for an investment that carries history and beauty, than this Pamp Suisse bar is what you have been looking for!

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