Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1921

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    A bill was passed in 1917 that reauthorized the minting of the Morgan. Unfortunately, the US Mint already had plans of a new silver dollar and used 1921 as also a release date. In 1921, the Morgan was minted for the very last time and passed the torch to the new Peace dollar. The Peace dollar had a shorter life span than the Morgan since silver was difficult to regulate. Since Philadelphia was the nation's capital at the time, the location was chosen based on that fact.The Philadelphia Mint was the first US mint to be established, in order to give the nation an identity and to be able to participate in international commerce. Your 1921 Morgan is in good-very good condition, maintaining a very worn and smooth surface. To this day, many collectors consider 1904 to be the Morgan's final year but officially it was 1921.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1921
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