Franklin Half Dollar Rolls: 1953-D Uncirculated

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    The Denver Mint overproduced the Franklin Half Dollar, resulting in a mintage of over 20 million in 1953. The 1953-D Franklin Half Dollar Roll consists of 20 coins, each in brilliant uncirculated condition, and snuggly stacked in a plastic tube for storing. Although Franklin, himself, was against portraits on US coinage, his face became the obverse design of the US half dollar from 1948-1963. As Ross stated, Franklin was only familiar with royalty being presented on US coinage and would be flattered to have a Founding Father's portrait on the coins. We do not know if this is true but it convinced many people to allow the Benjamin Franklin half dollar to be minted and released. Franklin is pictured, on the obverse, with his balding, round head and his famous reading spectacles.

    Many people don't realize the many hats the Founding Fathers wore, outside of starting the US. These men didn't start out as politicians but when there became a need for leadership, they stepped up to the plate. Benjamin Franklin is one of these men, who is famously known for his scientific efforts with electricity and obviously, helping establish this nation. But besides being a politician, Franklin served many other purposes, such as an author, printer, freemason, political theorist, postmaster, inventor, civil activist, statesman, and diplomat. It was also not too unusual for people, during this period, to be able to do many things so Franklin's portfolio is extra impressive. Franklin had many admirers, including a Mint Director around the 1940's. Nellie Tayloe Ross, the Mint Director from 1933-1953, had always wanted to release a Benjamin Franklin coin but needed a previous design to expire first. When World War II first broke out, the Mint Engraver, John R. Sinnock, designed both a dime and a commemorative of Franklin. Sinnock later used these designs as inspiration when asked to complete a Franklin half dollar.

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