Elemetal Mint 2 oz High Relief Silver Round - The Siren

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    Investing in silver has become more creative over the years, with mints such as Elemetal Mint, who transcend the basic silver refinery. The second round to their Privateer Series, the Elemetal Mint introduced the 2 oz High Relief Silver Round - The Siren. This new silver round series has already caught the attention of many curious investors, due to the high relief style of these rounds. The high relief aspect is showcased with the Siren is sculpted in a form that protrudes from the round itself, while the background remains flat. Although this series highlights well-made silver rounds, it is important to note these are not coins and due to their high relief features, may contain slight abrasions that do not affect their silver value.

    The Privateer series focuses on tale of the Caribbean and the mythology of some of its creatures. The Sirens, also known as Mermaids, are a well-known mythical creature that dates back to early Greek mythology. It is believed these sirens were so beautiful and sang sweet tunes, sailors would direct their boats towards them. As the admiring sailors would get closer, they didn't realize the rocks that awaited them. Once their ships would crash into the rocks, the sirens would move on to the next ship. On the obverse, of the 2 oz High Relief Silver Round, a captivating siren sits on a rock and ominously watches for its next victim ship. The rough waves and the looming clouds indicated an impending death for the curious sailors. The reverse pictures the skull design that is featured on all of the Privateer series, which is of a human skull and the phrase, "No Prey, No Pay." The 2 oz High Relief Silver Round - The Siren is guaranteed to weigh 2 troy ounces of .999 pure silver and is ready to be apart of your investment goals!

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