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Early Type Seated Liberty Half Dollar 1839-1891 Good

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    Minted from 1839-1891, the Seated Liberty Half Dollar design was featured on most US silver coinage during the mid and late 19th century. This design was one of the few times, in US history, that the same design was used on multiple denominations. The half dime, dime, quarter, half dollar, and silver dollar all contained the infamous Seated Liberty design. All of the US Mint branches participated in the Seated Liberty production, including Carson City and New Orleans. This listing for the the Early Type Seated Liberty Half Dollar are for coins in Good-Very Good condition. The dates offered range from when the half dollar was minted and are not a range for requests. Since we source these half dollars from the second hand market, we cannot guarantee certain dates will always be in our inventory. All lower mintage dates and better conditions are sold separately and for a higher premium.

    The Seated Liberty obverse portrays the Grecian Goddess, Liberty, draped in a loose robe. Liberty is gracefully sitting on a rock, with her left hand holding a Liberty pole, surmounted by a Phrygian cap. This cap is the same cap portrayed on the Mercury dime that would later be minted in the 1900's. Liberty is holding a symbol of freedom during the Neoclassicism period. Liberty's right hand is against a striped shield, etched with the word, "Liberty." This shield remains a symbol of preparedness in the defense of freedom and is even portrayed on the current American Silver Eagle. The reverse features a central eagle, prepared to take flight, with that same striped shield on its breast. This design is a modification of the US National Seal, that is featured on numerous US coins. With its talons, the eagle clutches an olive branch and arrows to signify the peace it is after, even if it has to be fought for.

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