Early Type Capped Bust Half Dollar 1807-1836 G-VG

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    The Capped Bust Half Dollars were first introduced in 1807, representing the third design for the half dollar denomination. The Capped Bust design was created by German immigrant John Reich and would be used until 1836. Recommended by Thomas Jefferson, Reich became the assistant to the US Mint Chief Engraver, before completely assuming the position. John Reich's main job was the redesign all circulating currency. A slight modification, of this design, would take place, until being entirely replaced in 1839. With the production for this series being somewhat high, making this series pretty accessible to the public. The Early Type Capped Bust Half Dollar contained high mintages, except for the die varieties. These rare die varieties are heavily collected, but rarely grace the coin market for ambitious collectors. Since the silver dollars had not been minted since 1804, the public has no other choice but to use the half dollar as the coin of choice of the era.

    This Early Type Capped Bust Half Dollar is in Good-Very Good condition, containing large amounts of wear but the main image details, such as the date, are still visible. Since we purchase these two hundred year old gems from the second hand market, i.e. reputable dealers and mints nationwide, our inventory of dates is constantly changing. The range we provide, from 1807-1836, alludes to when these coins were minted but does not guarantee which coins you will receive. These coins are mainly sold for their condition and are considered the more "common" among the varieties. Specific dates and varieties are sold separately and for a higher premium. The Early Type Capped Bust Half Dollar will be packaged in a coin flip, to ensure its protection while in shipment.

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