Complete Set Proof Silver Eagles 1986-2019 (33pcs)

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    It has never been more attainable to own the complete set of the Proof Silver Eagles! Each coin is presented in original mint packaging, including its Certificate of Authenticity and each coin weighs one ounce of .999 silver. The mintage of each coin varies so buying the coins in a set is definitely worth your while in terms of saving on individual premiums. Since the coins are packaged in mint assigned boxes, the stacking and storage of this set has never been easier. You will receive a coin from every year, except for 2009 since the US Mint did not produce a proof eagle for that year.

    Each silver eagle displays a mintmark, indicating where that coin was minted among the US Mint. The design on each coin is as follows: the Lady Liberty walks gracefully across the obverse, with the rising sun encroaching behind her. The Lady's garb is a simple loose-fitting robe with an American flag draped over her narrow shoulders. The words, "Liberty," "In God We Trust," and the coin's date of mintage are also stamped on the obverse. The reverse reveals the US Coat of Arms; an eagle with wings sprawled out containing the banner labeled with "E pluribus unum," across the feathers. A large shield is also protecting the eagle and each of the eagle's talons are holding something symbolic. The right one is holding an olive branch to represent peace while the left one is holding arrows to represent the original 13 colonies. The reverse also bears the coin's weight and purity for validity reasons. Begin your journey of collecting the Proof Silver Eagle coins and enjoy the pride you feel investing in a prestigious collection. These high premium coins have never been at such an achievable price!

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