Certified Washington Quarter 1949-D MS66 PCGS

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    With a mintage of just over 10 million, for the only circulating quarter of the time, the 1949-D Washington Quarter is easily available in prime BU condition. The Certified Washington Quarter 1949-D MS66 PCGS has earned a high grade of MS66 and comes in a PCGS certified holder. The Washington Quarter is also comprised of 90% silver from 1964 and before, adding an intrinsic value to the collection. The Denver Mint has earned a well-deserved title of being the leader in coin production in the world. It had a more humble beginning, where it opened in 1906 and was the newest mint to be established. The Denver Mint was mainly used to supplement major coin series but over time, became one of the main mints to produce the series. Most collectors know that the Denver Mint’s coin mintages are also very competitive and carry higher premiums since they are more difficult to find.

    George Washington was born in 1732 and passed away in 1799. Washington held the first presidential office, after leading the country towards victory in the Revolutionary War. Being a non-partisan entity, Washington was respected by politicians in all parties and was favored as the “father of the country.” Washington had the option of living an easy life in Virginia, enjoying the riches of what his family left him. Instead, he joined the military and became a leader in the trenches. The bicentennial year for his birthday was in 1932, wherein the US Mint wanted to dedicate a coin series to him and the Washington Quarter was officially produced.

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