Certified Uncirculated Silver Eagle Set 1986-2018 MS69 (33 pcs.)

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    The American Silver Eagle is the official bullion coin of the United States of America and is the only silver bullion coin backed by the US government. In 1986, what started as a means to encourage the public to buy more silver, became a phenomena among coin collectors and investors alike. Ever since, the US Mint has stayed true to minting two American Silver Eagles per year: a Brilliant Uncirculated coin and a Proof coin. Collectors are always given the option of which finish they prefer, on their American Silver Eagles, that is compliant with the rest of their collection. Recently, collectors and investors have been upgrading their American Silver Eagle collection by investing in certified versions. With an outstanding grade of MS69, the Certified Uncirculated Silver Eagle Set appeases the pickiest and most frugal of collectors. The Certified Uncirculated Silver Eagle Set is guaranteed by the top grading agency in the US, NGC, and contains 32 officially certified American Silver Eagles with each date represented on the coins. To keep this highly numismatic set organized, the graded coins will also come in two NGC storage boxes, free of charge!

    The US Mint has also stayed true to producing the same design, each year, on its American Silver Eagles. There are few things, that honor the freedom and liberty earned, than the depiction of Lady Liberty and the Bald Eagle. Each American Silver Eagle contains Lady Liberty, draped in a Grecian gown, delicately balancing olive branches in one hand, while extending the other in invitation. The word, "Liberty," is engraved above the goddess, while the coin's date of mintage is etched beneath her unshod feet. The seal of the United States of American is represented on the reverse, of every eagle, along with the coin's weight, purity, and monetary denomination. Whether you are an avid collector or know someone who is, upgrading to the Certified American Silver Eagles increases the value of your collection!

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Customer reviews

I ordered this set of American Silver Eagle Silver Dollars that contained graded and slabbed coins dated 1986 - 2015. High quality all around. The two included NGC storage boxes are a great bonus.
★★★★★ A new siver collector. Hopefully the US keeps producing these Eagle for a long time.
I received both packages in a timely manner and they arrived in the condition they were advertised. I would definitely recommend Golden Eagle for all Coin purchases. There prices are definitely some of the lowest i have seen on the internet and there shipping is most expedient. I will definitely continue to do business with golden eagle Coin.
★★★★★ Items recieved all OK, Thanks WD
★★★★★ excellent set
★★★★ some coins don't look like ms69
I am by no means an expert on coins. But, some of your ms69 does not look as good as my uncirculated. Some of your ms69 have cloud like image over parts of the coin.
★★★★★ MS69 SET
Set is what I have been looking to have, now I have it. Best price I found anywhere on the Net.
★★★★★ GOOD
★★★★★ impressive
★★★★★ Very nice!
I really like the coins, and the packaging was excellent! Thank you!