Certified Peace Silver Dollar 1928 AU55 NGC

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    Highly sought after in all grades, the 1928 Peace silver dollar was unofficially the final year of the famous silver dollar's production. With a deadline of 7 years, the US Mint was required by law to produce millions of silver dollars, using domestic silver. This reauthorization, of the silver dollar, caused the US Mint to panic and ask for help from its sister branches, the San Francisco Mint and the Denver Mint. Since 1928 was the official deadline date, the US Mint was able to greatly decrease the amount of dollars produced that year, since the quota was filled. Your Certified 1928 Peace Silver Dollar is in almost uncirculated condition, exhibiting slight contact marks but still containing the original mint luster. Your coin falls on the higher end of the almost uncirculated grading spectrum, making this coin an ideal investment for a novice collector.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1928
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