Certified Barber Dime 1901-O AU Details (Improperly Cleaned) NGC

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    The 1901-O Certified Barber Dime AU Details contains a lower mintage, when compared to other mintages in the series, with 5.6 million minted. Considered to be in almost uncirculated condition, the 1901-O Certified Barber Dime AU Details exhibits extremely slight wear on the obverse and reverse but still has visible details. The 1901-O Certified Barber Dime AU Details was improperly cleaned at one point so it will contain abrasions reflecting that but was also considered when graded. NGC is the top grading agency, in the world, and is beloved by many coin collectors, mainly due to its sleek packaging and dependable grading standards. The 1901-O Certified Barber Dime AU Details was produced at the New Orleans Mint, which is no longer in business, and carries the "O" mint-mark.

    The Barber design was created by Chief Engraver, William Barber, and graced the US dime, quarter, and half dollar until 1916. The Seated Liberty was the design, at the time, and Mint Director, Edward Leech desired to change the design for a new era. Instead of just designating a new design, Leech thought it would be a good idea to hold a competition among the local artists to see who would have the best design. As a bonus, Leech offered the winner a cash prize to entice any forth comers. Unfortunately, the artists wanted different terms and a better prize so the competition was closed with still no design chosen. Leech finally approached Barbed and agreed on a design that suited both of their distinct tastes. The Barber design wasn't loved but also not hated by the public when it was first released in 1892.

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