Australian Series Perth Mint II Lunar Gold Quarter Ounce 2016 Monkey

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    What has become a historically popular coin collection is ready to be added to yours! See what many coin collectors and investors are finding to be a highly numismatic and beautiful collection. Australian Lunar Series II rides piggie-back to the Australian Lunar Series I collection that began in 1996. Deeply inspired by the ancient Chinese zodiac calendar, the Perth Mint began a journey of producing coins that reflected the age-old fortune-telling tradition. The Australian Lunar Series II Gold 1/4 ounce 2016 Monkey is freshly minted and falls ninth place to the 12-coin series.

    The Australian Lunar Series II 2016 1/4 ounce Gold Monkey is guaranteed, by the oldest working mint in Australia, to be .9999 pure gold. Like all the other coins minted from this record-breaking series, the 2016 1/4 ounce Monkey is in brilliant uncirculated condition and is protected by a mint-sealed capsule. The obverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as does all the other coins minted in the Commonwealth of Nations. Besides the regal depiction of the Queen, the coin's monetary value, gold weight and purity are also etched into the obverse. The reverse reveals a lone monkey sitting on a branch of a peach tree. With one peach delicately dangling from its grasp, the peach tree also represents longevity and immortality. "Year of the Monkey," and the Chinese symbol are also etched on the reverse to complete the significance. Chinese tradition looks upon the monkey with favor and delight. Often because of its humanly traits, the monkey is respected and esteemed as the smartest animal.Those born under the year of the monkey are active, sport loving people, who are great problem solvers.

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