2018 1/4 oz Mexican Silver Libertad

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    First minted by the Mexican Mint, 1982 is the inaugural year for the Mexican Libertad series. The Mexican Mint decided to produce a bullion series for both gold and silver in order to catch the attention of avid coin collectors. Every year, a new coin is minted but the only new aspect about the coin is the date and mintage. These Libertads are promised to be pure silver, in brilliant uncirculated condition. The are also packaged in individual flips for their own protection in-transit.

    Being the oldest mint in the Americas, the Mexican Mint first produced a gold bullion coin in 1921 to commemorate Mexico's 100 years of independence. The Centenario displayed a winged Victoria, poised as a statue, tall and proud. Victoria is the goddess of victory and has been used as a symbol for many countries when they have gained independence. She now graces the obverse of the Libertad, still honoring the history of Mexico. Her body is slender and only half-covered by a cascading drape. In the distance, two volcanoes, Popocat├ępetl and Iztaccihuatl, emit hot smoke as they have remained active for hundreds of years. These volcanoes are believed to be past star-crossed lovers, forced to make a very difficult decision. One a princess, one a warrior, these lovers begged the gods for their immortality to be spent with each other. The gods' answer to these desperate sweethearts was to make them into mountains, stretching over the Mexican landscape, and to always be side-by-side with the other. When translated to English, these words guarantee the coin's purity and authenticity of .999 pure silver. The reverse design is of the Mexican Coat of Arms. This national deal included an eagle, perched on a prickly pear cactus, eating a snake. Whether you want to buy silver for an investment or collection, the Mexican Libertads are a great place to start!

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition
    -1/4oz in weight
    -Packaged in coin flip
    -Obverse: Besides the winged Victoria, there are a few inscriptions written on the obverse as well. These inscriptions include "MO," which is the mintmark of Mexico City. The other words are stating the authenticity of the coin and guaranteeing the purity of its silver.
    -Reverse: Mexico's national seal

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    • Year: 2018
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