1938 Proof Set

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    The US Proof Set has become an American tradition, beginning in 1936. The US Mint began the production of proof coins; coins that are made with extra care, containing a special glossy finish, and sold to coin collectors through the US Mint in Philadelphia. Each year, more and more coin collectors began requesting one proof coin, of each denomination. By 1936, the US Mint started putting together these sets for the collectors, thus creating the proof sets. At the same time, in the US, other history was in the making. The March of the Dimes was established by Franklin D. Roosevelt and is still an important foundation today; dedicated to helping families of preemies and struggling with infant loss. Orson Welles' adaptation of the War of the Worlds was broadcasted on live radio, causing the whole country to panic. Superman was also introduced in the first Superman comic book by Marvel.

    The US Proof Set is still being produced today, of course, it has seen many changes and modifications through the years. You will be lucky to find the 1938 Proof Set in original packaging, cellophane wrapping in a cream colored envelope. The 1938 Proof Set is highly valuable since it is a part of the early proof set years, which are increasingly more difficult to find since there have been many counterfeits produced over the years. The 1938 Proof Set contains a Lincoln cent, the first-ever Jefferson nickel, and the 90% Mercury Dime, Washington Quarter, and Walking Liberty Half Dollar. There were only 8,000 sets sold, making this gem the third hardest proof set to find!

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